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Timeless Twins

A place for those who've lost their twin...

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Welcome to timelesstwins, a community for those of us who are twins by legal birth, but for whatever reasons have lost our special soulmates. I've created this community for those to speak openly of their experiences, strengths, and sorrows of the tragedy of twinless-ness.

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, please be respectful when you choose to post here. Flaming, ignorance, lack of kindness, and general unsupportiveness will not be tolerated here. If you have poetry or prose to share, please place it behind an lj-cut tag.

I am also in the process of gathering a list of resources, including websites, online journals and such, related to losing one's twin. If you have resources to suggest, please comment here or contact the maintainer.

Love and light to all who enter here!

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