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I can't decide...

If this job is helping me with my feelings and grieving my sister or not... I guess it is.

One of the cemeteries faxed a list over of names and dates of death they needed the records from the 1930's-50's. Not until I got up in the archives did I realize they were all infants or stillborn infants. And then I stumbled upon the twins. After I faxed the pages, I sat here reading them. Every single one of them. Days old, hours old, stillborn. Cause of Death. Parents, siblings, grandparents.

I think the reason I'm so preoccupied with all of the infant services and merchandise offer is because my sister doesn't have any of that. I don't have a place to go and sit at the cemetery with her. Sometimes I drive out and sit in the baby sections.... It seems to help sometimes.

Anyone else have this preoccupation? (haha... I'm thinking not many, since I'm probably one of the only people on here who work at a funeral home)

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