"She-who-must-not-be-named." (senorita_korea) wrote in timelesstwins,

My Story

_constellation sent me a link to this community, so I thought fit for me to post my story as you all have.

My name is JoyAh, and I live in Virginia.
I've been separated from my twin since about 5 months old.
We were born in Pusan, South Korea. Upon my adoption, I've heard not a word about her since. The information my adoption agency has provided for me is slim and ambiguous. The only information I have on her at all is the mention of "Babies" and "Girls" written on a sheet of paper delivered with my birth certificate speaking of our habits and what-not. Also, that we both were given the name, "Ah."
I can't really say I feel incomplete without her. I've managed fine without her so far, however I would still like to meet her and tell her that I've been looking for her, and that I think about her.

I have more information about us on my website:

I think perhaps there's a chance I may be able to find her. But we'll see. :)

- Joy A h
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